ATT Working Group on Transparency and Reporting

The Working Group on Transparency and Reporting was established at the CSP2 in August 2016. It is chaired by Ambassador Paul Beijer (Sweden) and Guillaume Michel (Mexico). 

First meeting (8 February 2017)

The group's first meeting was premised on an 'issues paper' prepared in advance by the co-chairs that outlined options for the group's mandate going foward, as well as input from the Phillippines and the civil society network, Control Arms. Presentations were delivered by the ATT Secretariat and the ATT Baseline Assessment Project/Small Arms Survey.  It is likely that the group will meet again before CSP3. 


  • Draft Agenda for first meeting (26 January 2017)
  • Issues paper prepared by co-chairs (26 January 2017)
  • Co-chairs' summary report of the meeting (15 February 2017)
  • Issues paper for the group's second meeting (15 February 2017)
  • Input from the Philippines (1 February 2017)
  • Input from Control Arms (January 2017)

Second meeting (6-7 April 2017)

This second meeting focused on reporting compliance, including an update of reporting rates to date. States agreed to develop a guidance document about reporting obligations and to draft a proposal to include reporting compliance as a permanent feature on the agendas of conferences of states parties.


Third meeting (30 May 2017)

Fourth meeting (8 March 2018)



Fifth meeting (31 May 2018)