Who should you follow on twitter during First Committee?

More and more UN delegations and civil society actors take to twitter during governmental meetings, to provide real-time comments and discussion. It's a great way of connecting diplomats, civil society and other actors, but also for drawing attention to important speeches and events. But perhaps most significantly, it provides users a unique opportunity to listen to others' views and reactions that you might not come across in the conference room. It also offers an immediate and direct ability to engage in dialogue with people in the room, or on the other side of the world.  

We've listed 20 twitter accounts used by civil society actors that you should follow during the 2013 session of the UN General Assembly's First Committee. Obviously there are many great people that we've had to leave out, so send us tips or suggestions to our twitter account (@RCW_) and we'll include them next time! 

Humanitarian disarmament

Twitter - Article 36

Ministry for Disarmament (@4disarmament)

Article 36 (@article36)

Mary Wareham, Human Rights Watch (@marywareham)

Nuclear weapons

Twitter - susi

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (@nuclearban)

Susi Snyder, Programme Manager of IKV Pax Christi (@susisnyder)

Magnus Lovold, Network Coordinator of ICAN (@magnuslovold)

Arms trade

Twitter - anna

Control Arms (@controlarms)

Allison Pytlak, Campaign Manager of Control Arms (@a_pytlak)

Anna Macdonald, Co-Chair of Control Arms (@annamac33)

Killer robots

twitter - killer robots

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots (@bankillerrobots)

Peter Asaro, International Committee for Robot Arms Control (@peterasaro)

Landmines and cluster munitions

International Campaign to Ban Landmines

twitter - cmc(@minefreeworld)

Cluster Munition Coalition (@banclusterbombs)

Mines Action Canada (@minesactioncan)

Explosive weapons

International Network on Explosive Weapons (@explosiveweapon)

Action on Armed Violence (@AOAV)twitter - iain

Iain Overton, AOAV (@iainoverton)

Gender and disarmament

Peacewomen (@peace_women)

Sofia Tuvestad, WILPF Sweden (@sofia_tuvestad)twitter - sofia

Depleted uranium

International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (@ICBUW)