WILPF publishes update of You Get What You Pay For

YGWYPF-coverThe Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)'s programmes on disarmament, human rights, and gender, peace, and security have updated its publication You Get What You Pay For, which examines the relationship between military expenditure and gender equality.

Achieving gender equality requires examining root causes of inequality and finding ways to overcome
them. One cause of inequality is militarism. Excessive global military spending feeds into a vicious cycle of societal instability, creating an unsuitable environment to pursue gender equality. We get what we pay for.

In 2013 the world’s total military expenditure was estimated to be 1.747 trillion USD. WILPF encourages the international community to reorient their military industries into peaceful gender-aware economies. Reallocating these resources helps create a context in which weapons and war are not always assumed to be the solution to every problem.