Nuclear weapons, political economy, and social change

In the context of efforts to advocate for disarmament and broader aspects of human security, there is a lack of sustained discussion on how cause and effect works in society and between society and political/economic institutions, and about how to build sustainable political will and momentum for action. Real progress on disarmament and human security requires analysis of how the existing political and economic institutions function and analysis of the role that organized activity to change those institutions can play.

This project is designed to act as a catalyst for discussion, not the beginning and end of it. Through a series of meetings, discussions, and publications, we intend to focus on the political economy of nuclear weapons—in particular, what organizations and segments of society benefit from the existence of nuclear weapons and given this, what can be done to achieve disarmament—while promoting a wider framework of discussion that includes many other aspects of human security and other challenges to relevant social change.

Background paper

Contact person: Ray Acheson

Partner organization: Western States Legal Foundation