Documents and papers from the Disarmament Commission 2006

Working Group I

Conference Room Papers:

  • Conference Room Paper 1: Chairman's Factual Summary (A/CN.10/2006/WG.I/CRP.1/Rev.1)
  • Conference Room Paper 2: "Concrete measures to be taken by all states possessing nuclear weapons" submitted by Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand and Sweden ((A/CN.10/2006/WG.I/CRP.2)
  • Conference Room Paper 3: EU Common Position relating to the 2005 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, 2005/329/PESC of 25 April 2005 ((A/CN.10/2006/WG.I/CRP.3)
  • Conference Room Paper 4: EU Common Position on the universalisation of multilateral agreements in the field of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, 2003/805/PESC of 17 Nov 2003 ((A/CN.10/2006/WG.I/CRP.4)
  • Conference Room Paper 5: EU strategy against proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction from the Brussels European Summit of 12/13 December 2003 ((A/CN.10/2006/WG.I/CRP.5)
  • Conference Room Paper 6: Draft Report of Working Group 1 (A/CN.10/2006/WG.I/CRP.6/Rev.1)
  • Conference Room Paper 7: Draft Outline by the Chair (A/CN.10/2006/WG.I/CRP.7)

Working Papers: "Recommendations for achieving the objective of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons" 

Working Group II

  • Working Paper 1 (A/CN.10/2006/WG.II/WP.1): Pakistan on Working Group II "Practical confidence-building measures in the field of Conventional Weapons" 

Methods of Work

  • Draft Decision: Chairman's proposed Decision on Measures for Improving the Effectivenss of the Methods of Work of the Disarmament Commission
  • Conference Room Paper 2 (A/CN.10/2006/CRP.2): NAM's view on the improving of the methods of work of the UNDC, April 13
  • Conference Room Paper 3 (A/CN.10/2006/CRP.3): Chairman's Summary of Discussion on Measures for Improving the Effectiveness of the UNDC Methods of Work, April 19