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Reaching Critical Will produces a wide range of newsletters and reports. Subscribe and choose which areas you wish to receive more information about. 

General E-News: A monthly email on general international disarmament news, updates for civil society wishing to participate in international fora, and all the latest from RCW, such as new publications, resources, and recommended reading. 

NPT News in Review: A daily publication produced during the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committees and Review Conferences. It features analysis of the day's events, feature articles from NGOs around the world, interviews with diplomats and NGO representatives, nuclear facts, announcements, cartoons, calendar of events, and more. 

First Committee Monitor: A weekly NGO newsletter produced during the annual sessions of the UN General Assembly First Committee, and includes all topics discussed, such as nuclear weapons, landmines, cluster munitions, small arms, autonomous weapons, and more. While coordinated and edited by Reaching Critical Will, it is a collaborative effort with other interested civil society groups engaged with the First Committee.

ATT Monitor: A daily NGO newsletter produced during meetings of the Arms Trade Treaty, including the entire negotiating process and Conferences of States Parties.

Small Arms Monitor: A daily NGO newsletter produced during meetings of the UN Programme of Action on the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons.

CCW Report: A daily NGO newsletter produced during meetings of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, including meetings of high contracting parties and expert meetings on lethal autonomous weapon systems.

Cyber Peace & Security Monitor: A regular NGO newsletter published during meetings of the UN Open-ended Working Group on Developments in the Field of Information and Communications in the Context of International Security, as well as select other multilateral meetings and discussions relating to cyber peace and security.