The Spanish arms trade and risk assessments

This publication is a case study associated with our report Preventing gender-based violence through arms control: tools and guidelines to implement the Arms Trade Treaty and UN Programme of Action.

Cover Spanish case study

That report looks at how the ATT and UNPoA can be implemented with a view to preventing gender-based violence.This affiliated case study provides an overview of the Spanish arms industry and trade focusing on national law and policy, including in relation to preventing gender-based violence. 

Spain is the seventh largest arms exporter in the world and is the main supplier of weapons to some of the biggest importers in the world, including Saudi Arabia, Australia, Turkey, and Viet Nam.

This case study identifies a number of cases that may have violated Spanish legislation, as well as regional and international agreements to which the country is a party. 

Written by Rebecca Gerome, Maribel Hernández (WILPF Spain), and Ray Acheson • Edited by Ray Acheson • Published in July 2016 by Reaching Critical Will, a programme of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

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