Model Nuclear Inventory 2005

The Model Nuclear Inventory is a comprehensive database of all nuclear materials, both military and civilian, in the 44 States recognized as having a significant nuclear capability.

With the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty perceived to be in crisis, what is needed now is a course to strengthen both disarmament as well as non-proliferation obligations. The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, with the contribution and assistance of non-governmental organizations around the world, offer this Model Nuclear Inventory as a tool toward the achievement of a nuclear weapon-free world.

As such a tool, the Model Nuclear Inventory must also include an assessment of the legal- as well as the technical- aspects of the international disarmament and non-proliferation regime. Therefore, the Model Nuclear Inventory also includes a chapter that analyzes the Nuclear Weapon States’ implementation of the Practical Steps to Disarmament, as unanimously agreed upon at the Sixth Review Conference of the NPT in 2000.

By tracking and securing fissile materials around the world, we can help prevent illegal acquisition of these materials. Likewise, irreversible, verifiable disarmament can be possible only after a full accounting of existing stockpiles is taken.

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Background materials

Nuclear Weapon States

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