Working papers and other documents submitted to the 2004 NPT Preparatory Committee

Working Papers

Overcoming the institutional deficit of the NPT,

Working paper submitted by Canada (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.1)

Reporting by States Parties

Working Paper submitted by Canada (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.2)

Verification of nuclear disarmament: second interim report on studies into the verification of nuclear warheads and their components

Working Paper submitted by the United Kingdom (NPT/Conf.2005/PC.III/WP.3)

On the issue of nuclear disarmament and reduction of the danger of nuclear war 

Working paper submitted by China (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP4)

On prevention of the proliferation of nuclear weapons 

Working paper submitted by China (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.5)

On nuclear weapon free zones 

Working paper submitted by China (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.6)

On the peaceful uses of nuclear energy

Working paper submitted by China (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.7)

On the Middle East nuclear issue

Working Paper submitted by China (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.8)

Working paper on security assurances

Working paper submitted by China (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.9)

Activities since the 2000 NPT Review Conference

Working paper submitted by Plutonium management group(NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.10)

Working paper submitted by Japan (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.11)

Working paper submitted by the League of Arab States (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.12)

On reductions of non-strategic nuclear weapons

Working paper submitted by Austria, Sweden and Ukraine (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.13)

On export controls

Working paper submitted by Germany (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.14)

Strengthening the NPT against withdrawal ad non-compliance, suggestions for the establishment of procedures and mechanisms

Working paper submitted by Germany (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.15)


Working paper submitted by Germany (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.16)

On disarmament and non-proliferation education

Working paper submited by Egypt, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Poland and Sweden(NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.17)

On Japan's efforts in disarmament and non-proliferation education

Working paper submitted by Japan (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.18)

Recommendations to the 2005 NPT Review Conference on strengthening the implementation of articles I, II, III, IV

Working paper submitted by the United States (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.19)

On the proliferation security initiative and its implications for the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons

Working paper submitted by Cuba (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.20)

On the southeast asia nuclear-weapon-free zone

Working paper submitted by the ASEAN member states (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.21)

Strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation regime

Working paper submitted by France (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.22)

On cooperative threat reduction

Working paper submitted by Italy (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.23)

Working paper submitted by Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway for consideration at the third Preparatory Committee of the 2005 NPT Review Conference, (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.25)

- Article VII: Proposed elements for inclusion in the report of the Preparatory Committee on the work of its third session, 

Working paper submitted by the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.26)

Chairman's Summary (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.27) 

- Statement by United States (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.28)

- On the proposed amendments to the draft final report of the third session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2005 NPT Review Conference, 

Submitted by the Non-Aligned States and other States parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.29)

Chairman's working paper (NPT/CONF.2005/PC.III/WP.30)


CCW Group of Governmental Experts on autonomous weapon systems, second session of 2022

CCW Group of Governmental Experts on autonomous weapon systems, second session of 2022

25 - 29 July 2022
Geneva, Switzerland

Third substantive session of the UN's second Open-ended Working Group (OEWG II) on ICTs

Third substantive session of the UN's second Open-ended Working Group (OEWG II) on ICTs

25 - 29 July 2022
New York

10th NPT Review Conference

10th NPT Review Conference

01 - 26 August 2022
New York, USA

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