Article XIV Conferences

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In October 1999, the first Article XIV Conference on Facilitating the Entry-Into-Force of the CTBT was held in Vienna. Ninety-two states unanimously adopted a Final Declaration at that meeting hearing over fifty statements examining measures consistent with international law to accelerate the Treaty's ratification.

The Article XIV Conferences are opportunities for:

  • announcing ratifications and signatures;
  • calling on those states that have not yet signed or ratified the CTBT to join the international consensus to end nuclear testing; 
  • urging states with active nuclear weapon research programmes and test sites to take actions that would reinforce the CTBT and support its goals, such as refraining from activities at test sites that might be construed as CTBT violations, halting research, development and production of nuclear warheads based on modifications of existing designs, that give them new military capabilities;
  • examining ways and means of removing obstacles which delay Entry-Into-Force; 
  • discussing and agreeing on specific measures to convince the last holdout states to support the test ban;
  • support for the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty Organisation in Vienna that has made significant progress in setting up the International Monitoring System and International Data Center, so that the CTBT's verification system is ready by the time the treaty enters into force;
  • condemning any future testing; and,
  • calling upon governments, businesses, and peoples to take decisive action in reaction to any future testing.

2023 Article XIV Conference
22 September 2023, New York

2019 Article XIV Conference
25 September 2019, New York

2013 Article XIV Conference
27 September 2013, New York

2011 Article XIV Conference
23 September 2011, New York

Chairs: Patricia Espinosa Cantellano (Foreign Minister of Mexico) and Carl Bildt (Foreign Minister of Sweden)

2009 Article XIV Conference
24–25 September 2009, New York

2007 Article XIV Conference
17-18 September 2007, Vienna

2005 Article XIV Conference
21-23 September 2005, New York

2003 Article XIV Conference
3-5 September 2003, Vienna

2001 Article XIV Conference
11-13 November 2001