Statements to the 2003 NPT Preparatory Committee

Governmental statements
NGO statements 

28 April

29 April

30 April

1 May

2 May

5 May

6 May

7 May

NGO statements

1.) Introduction
Convenors: Rhianna Tyson, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; Alice Slater, Global Action Resource Center on the Environment; and Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States' Legal Foundation Presented by Rhianna Tyson 

2) Indigenous Perspective 
Convenors: Katerina Lecchi, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Kathy Sanchez, Tewa Women United, Corrine Sanchez, Tewa Women United Presented by Kathy Sanchez

3) The Evolving Nuclear Strategy of the US and UK and its Implications for the NPT
Convenors: Nigel Chamberlain and Kathy Crandall, British American Security Information Council Presented by Nigel Chamberlain

Clarification of Statement

4) Earth-Penetrating Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Testing, and Depleted Uranium Weapons: Medical Consequences and Implications for NPT Compliance
Convenors: John Loretz, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War; Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States' Legal Foundation Presented by Vic Sidel, IPPNW

5) Nuclear Disarmament and Ballistic Missile Elimination Go Hand In Hand
Convenor and Speaker Regina Hagen, International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation

6) South Asian Proliferation
Convenor and Speaker: Admiral Ramdu Ramdas, Abolition 2000

7) Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free Zone
Convenor and Speaker: Hiro Umebayashi, Peace Depot

8) Program Promoting Public Participation in NPT Compliance 
Convenor and Speaker: Elahe Mohatsham, Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation and International Safeguards System

9) Needed: NPT Emergency Response Mechanism
Convenor and Speaker: Aaron Tovish, NGO Committee on Disarmament

10) Highlighting the Urgency for Abolishing Nuclear Weapons
Convenor: Steve Leeper, Mayors for Peace Speaker: Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba

11) Statement of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA) 
Convenors: Aaron Tovish, NGO Committee on Disarmament and Mohammed Shaker
Speaker: Mohammed Shaker

12) A Gift Offering for Delegates
Convenors: The Atomic Mirror
Speaker: Pamela S. Meidell